Observe a Fishtank

A visual dialogue

Observe a Fishtank is the second of five drawing lessons by Paul Klee. It’s also the title of the drawing collaboration two artists from Eindhoven, the Netherlands initiated in 2018. Looking to challenge their artistic ability they started a visual dialogue.

Saskia Overzee and Manja Eland met each other when they both had their studio at Sectie C. Since Manja moved they have been meeting at Saskia’s studio to draw together every couple of weeks.

The artists try to stretch their artistic routines and drawing hand. When drawing on the same piece of paper they respond to each other’s input in texture and line, not shying away from working over what the other has drawn. The essence of their creative process is searching by doing. In the end result it is impossible to distinguish who did what, sometimes even for themselves. To work so closely together requires flexibility and trust. In this synergy they create work that they wouldn’t make alone. 1+1=3 you
could say. The artists prefer work to be layered and complex, maybe even with a little friction.

All works are made with liquid acrylics, ink, pen, pencil and sometimes crayon on heavy paper. Dimensions vary from 30×42 to 100×150 cm.

Under the title Observe a Fishtank they create collaborative originals but also individual spinoffs. Saskia makes digital collages based on parts of the drawings they made together. Manja sometimes incorporates bits and pieces of the originals as layers into her digital drawings. So not only do they create new collaborative work, they also let the style and creative process inspire and influence their own work.